I am currently accepting clients for teletherapy, or video/phone calls. **Due to the recent Corona/Covid-19 Virus, I'm exclusively using teletherapy to promote social distancing.**


As a licensed psychologist in California, I'm able to offer teletherapy to any person residing in the state of California. It's a very convenient option if you live far away from city centers or prefer to work with a therapist who practices the form of therapy you are looking for. 

In my experience, teletherapy sometimes has a feeling of immediacy that can differ from meeting in person. 

How to prepare for teletherapy:

  • Make sure you are in a private location, in the office I can secure confidentiality, but cannot ensure this on your end of the conversation. 

  • It's preferable to use earbuds/headphones with a microphone in order to get greater audio clarity.

  • Breaks in the internet connection can happen, so it's helpful to make sure you have closed all other windows and apps, and possibly reset your modem and browser. 

  • Billing will be done through an easy to use third party app.