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I am a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice meeting only with adults in individual therapy.


What my practice provides:

  • Promoting a more compassionate & accepting relationship with yourself

  • Developing an appreciation for difficult emotions and a greater ability to endure and process them

  • Improving interpersonal relationships

  • Expanding self-awareness of often neglected parts of who you are

  • Connecting past experiences with behaviors you have today

I emphasize developing a safe and comfortable relationship where we can explore what has historically felt unsafe and uncomfortable. 

Patients I've worked with have told me they find me to have a comforting and disarming personality and that I provide compassionate understanding, insight, and new awareness. Although the purpose of therapy is to discuss difficult topics, it's not uncommon to find moments of laughter and lightness as we navigate through life's hardships. 

What to expect discussing:

  • What brings you in now and what changes you'd like in your life

  • Your relevant life history, significant relationships, and hopes and plans for your future

  • Obstacles preventing a more fulfilling lived experience

  • Obstacles preventing more fulfilling relationships with others and with yourself

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